Stop deer and rabbits eating your garden with granular organic repellent! Use Deer Scram and Rabbit Scram repellants.
Protect your garden from deer and rabbits



Domestic Pet Trouble?
Get rid of foraging rabbits

Cats and Dogs ar ruining my gardens!

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Scram for Cats
Cat Repellent

gets rid of cats!

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Scram for Dogs
Dog Repellent

gets rid of dogs!


Get rid of foraging rabbits

Rabbits are eating my gardens!

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Rabbit Scram
Rabbit Repellent

gets rid of rabbits!

Got Moles?

Get rid of moles with Mole Scram Mole Repellent

Moles dig tunnels everyday ...

They're ruining
your lawns,
flowerbeds, gardens
and landscapes!

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Mole Scram
Mole Repellent
gets rid of moles!

You can sell Deer Scram Deer Repellent!

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Deer Scram

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Deer Scram!

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Armadillo Scram

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Armadillo Scram
Armadillo Repellent
gets rid of Armadillos!

and also:
Vole Scram

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Vole Scram
Vole Repellent
gets rid of Voles!

Buy Deer Scram Now!deer repllant
Buy Deer Scram Now!
deer damage
Protect your garden from deer and rabbits
Protect your garden from deer and rabbits
deer repllent

America's best deer repellent

Join the team!

Get rid of browsing deerBecome a
Dealer for
Deer Scram

America's Finest
Deer & Rabbit Repellent


Increase your sales and profits!
in a deer repellent that really works!

EPIC -- maker of Deer Scram -- offers you an
opportunity to share in the success
of America's Finest Deer & Rabbit Repellent
tm. Deer Scram’s product advantages will increase your sales – in both deer repellent and the plants deer love to eat -- and build your reputation among home gardeners and professional landscapers.

that blow
away the competition:

All Natural Deer Repellant -- no mixing or spraying


  • WORKS WHERE MANY SPRAYS ARE LESS EFFECTIVE -- Longer lasting in normal rainfall than most -- if not all -- sprays.

  • REACHES CUSTOMERS who don't like using sprays, mixing concentrates, or bad odors.


  • NO FOUL ODORS  such as garlic, rotten eggs or dried blood used in competing products.

  • INCREASE YOUR SALES TO LANDSCAPERS -- Great for scheduled or seasonal maintenance!

  • EASIER & FASTER TO APPLY than sprays. Sprinkle rather than spray.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE BARRIER PROTECTION -- Deer Scram is the least expensive deer repellant solution per square foot of protection.

  • 100% ACTIVE/BIODEGRADABLE INGREDIENTS -- Spray deer repellents are 7% to 12% solutions.

  • CHILDREN & PETS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE  in the garden, even immediately after applying Deer Scram deer repellant.

  • SAFE FOR USE ON VEGETABLE GARDENS right up to the day of harvest!

Price Incentives
& Programs that Increase
Sales, Service
& Profits:

Increase profits with Deer Scram


  • VOLUME PURCHASE DISCOUNTS -- Increase your margin with high-volume orders.

  • SEASONAL PURCHASE PROGRAMS -- Save even more with early season purchase orders!

  • SCHEDULED SHIPMENT DISCOUNTS -- Spread out shipments for a single large order for greater savings.

  • FREIGHT SAVINGS -- Bulk shipping programs designed to save you money!

  • COOPERATIVE PROMOTION -- EPIC will participate -- share content, graphics and production costs -- in your promotional budget for flyers, print advertising, newsletters and other marketing collateral.

  • SALES STAFF TRAINING -- EPIC will provide Sales Training Guides to your retail counter and sales staff. We can provide short, focused training seminars that educate staff to the advantages and uses of our product.

  • INTERNET SALES --  If you have a website, we’ll exchange links with you and co-promote each other. We refer web inquiries directly to you! If you offer Deer Scram through your online store, we’ll drop-ship directly to your customer’s home –  anywhere in the US and Canada. We generally ship next day.

  • ADVERTISING -- EPIC is developing television and radio advertising campaigns for local and cable TV, HGTV and radio stations. National radio gardening shows are also scheduled for 2005. We are also working with local and national Gardening Writers to promote our product into new markets.

of Purchase Support

  • LITERATURE RACK & BROCHURES -- Colorful & informative brochure attracts customer interest and develops sales.

  • DISPLAY BANNERS -- Vertical & horizontal banners grab customers' attention, develop their interest & generate sales.

  • EASEL PLACARDS -- Catch the customer's eye at the counter. Custom formats available.

  • DISPLAY STAND -- Volume purchases earn a free wooden display stand, featuring a hand-painted headboard on an attractive & space-saving presentation. The stand holds six (6) each of our 2 1/2- and 6-pound containers.

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Become a Dealer For Deer Scram Deer & Rabbit Repellant
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Maker of America's Finest(tm) deer, rabbit and mole repellentsMAKERS OF AMERICA'S FINEST™

Mole Scram    Deer Scram   Rabbit Scram


deer repellentrabbit repellentdeer repellantrabbit repellantGet rid of deer and rabbits
Get rid of deer and rabbits
Protect your garden from deer and rabbits

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Deer Scram

America's Finest
Deer & Rabbit Repellent™

Stop Deer In Their Tracks!

Preserve Your
Garden Splendor

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Protecting Your Garden Investment

Got Plants? Got Deer?

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will work for you!

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works for one of our customers!

Deterring White-Tailed Deer

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Mule Deer Facts & Deterrents

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Deterring Black-Tailed Deer

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Whitetails, Blacktails
& Mule Deer

Triple Threat

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Stop Deer Browsing
This Spring Season
Before It Begins!

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Identifying & Deterring Rabbits

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Plants Rabbits Eat
in North America

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Deer Scram™

Get It Now!

deer repellant guarantee


Try it with no risk! If it doesn't work, you don't pay!

Protect your plants, trees,  ornamentals & vegetable gardens this
from pesky deer and rabbits


Three simple ways
to order Deer Scram:

- Shop online now!

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get rid of deer  
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