Stop deer and rabbits eating your garden with granular organic repellent! Use Deer Scram and Rabbit Scram repellants.
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Domestic Pet Trouble?
Get rid of foraging rabbits

Cats and Dogs ar ruining my gardens!

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Cat Repellent

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Dog Repellent

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Get rid of foraging rabbits

Rabbits are eating my gardens!

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Rabbit Scram
Rabbit Repellent

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Got Moles?

Get rid of moles with Mole Scram Mole Repellent

Moles dig tunnels everyday ...

They're ruining
your lawns,
flowerbeds, gardens
and landscapes!

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Mole Repellent
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Armadillo Scram

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Armadillo Repellent
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and also:
Vole Scram

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Vole Scram
Vole Repellent
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America's Finest Deer RepellentGot Plants?
Got Deer?

you’ll keep your plants
all spring long ...
no matter how hungry the deer are!

Compiled by the makers of Deer Scram™ -- America’s Finest Deer Repellent™


Springtime brings many changes to your yard, but what never changes are the appetites of those pesky deer -- the whitetails, blacktails and mule deer that roam freely across North American landscapes both rural and suburban.

Get rid of munching deerThe deer are hungry. Your holly, yews, rhododendron, roses, arbor vitae -- just about every plant now in buds and shoots -- have moved to the top of their menu. And if you’re thinking about planting your spring and summer vegetable gardens, the deer are just waiting for those tender tasties to pop up. In the meantime, your blooming azaleas will just have to do for dinner!

Year 'round, browsing by foraging deer causes mounting damage to landscaping throughout the United States and Canada. If you’ve tried deer netting, seasonal fencing and burlap, you already know those devices won’t stop deer for long. Most spray repellents don’t last long at all, and some discolor your plants' new foliage. That's not an option you want to choose.

Deer Scram is the most effective and convenient springtime deer repellent now offered. Its long-lasting all natural, granular formula is easily sprinkled around your evergreens and edibles – even on top of spring snowfall! Deer Scram successfully protects budding plants, young vegetable gardens, blooming trees and shrubs and much more. Say goodbye to ugly fencing that may not work and forget the sprays that don’t last or that coat your evergreens with off-color film. At any time of year, one application of Deer Scram lasts up to 45 days. In optimum conditions, Deer Scram can last up to four months -- the entire spring season! And remember ... Deer Scram won’t harm your kids or pets, not even the deer!

Use Deer Scram – America’s Finest Winter Deer Repellent.



Reclaim your gardens!
Guard your trees
and shrubs 24 hours a day!

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Stop Deer In Their Tracks!

Preserve Your
Garden Splendor

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Protecting Your Garden Investment

Got Plants? Got Deer?

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will work for you!

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Deterring White-Tailed Deer

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Mule Deer Facts & Deterrents

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Deterring Black-Tailed Deer

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Whitetails, Blacktails
& Mule Deer

Triple Threat

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Stop Deer Browsing
This Spring Season
Before It Begins!

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Identifying & Deterring Rabbits

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Plants Rabbits Eat
in North America

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