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Get deer out of my gardenSpring Into Action Now!

Stop Deer Browsing This Season
Before It Begins

Condensed from the complete
Stop Deer Browsing -- Before It Begins -- From Ruining Your Garden This Season

ed by the makers of Deer Scram™, America’s Finest Deer Repellant

Springtime’s here! Tulips rise. Azaleas blossom. Camellias bloom. Roses sprout. Arborvitae glows. Clematis climbs. Grapevines cling. Daylilies blaze. Violets rage. Deer destroy.

Deer destroy?

Yes, deer destroy!

Stop deer browsing and munchingSpringtime splendor rushes through gardens and landscapes nationwide as a blustery March gives way to April showers that bring May flowers! North American homeowners, landscapers and farmers anticipate spring and summer gardens overflowing in colors, textures and produce close to their gardener’s heart. But all too often their passions are quickly dashed as the deer’s seemingly insatiable appetite perennially destroy these and many other valuable plants, shrubs and trees. The promise of blooms aplenty during the next several months -- and beyond -- will be dashed by foraging deer unless you take action now!

Many of the plants available at your local nursery are frequently enjoyed by deer for dinner! Check out this deer smorgasbord menu of trees and shrubs:

Azaleas, Arborvitae, Apple trees, Eastern White Pine,
False Cedars, Fir, Clematis, Cornelian Dogwood,
Crab apple, Eastern Redbud, English Ivy, Euonymus,
European Mountain Ash, Fruit-Bearing Peach,
Pear and Plum Trees, Hybrid Tea Roses, Korean Lilac,
Mugo Pine, Umbrella Pine, Vinca, Vine Maple, Yew

And don’t forget the desserts:

Anemone, Beans, Blackberries, Broccoli, Cauliflower,
Daylilies, Geum, Hostas, Lettuce, Peas, Raspberries,
Strawberries, Sweet Corn, Trillium, Tulips, Violets

Whew! What a carte du jour ... and it's only partially filled! If your heart is really set on raising any one or several of these plants, you should strongly consider using deer repellents – earlier than later. Once deer adapt to your garden, one deer expert says, they adopt it.

Deer Scram is your best deer repellent because it attacks a deer’s sense of safety. Blended from selected organic components, Deer Scram will keep deer off your plantings because, through their uncanny sense of smell, Deer Scram convinces deer that harm is nearby. Deer Scram will change deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Deer Scram, deer actually alert to a sense of danger – even death! Its unique blend of organic ingredients targets a deer’s remarkable sense of smell. As the scent of death reaches the deer, a genetic biological defense mechanism to flee from predators is triggered. Watch deer flee from the area or avoid it completely! The association of the fear of death with Deer Scram will lead to a profound learning experience for the deer and, with proper re-application of Deer Scram, the deer will not return to the area.

So, how do you begin a spring-season plan to protect your valuable flowers, shrubs, and trees from foraging deer?

  1. How do I get rid of deer in my gardenLearn where deer eat. Deer prefer to feed in open areas near cover. Clear-cuts, parks and suburban neighborhoods are the perfect habitat, where rich mixtures of vegetation produce abundant food and cover. They prefer to eat browse – leaves, twigs and various shoots and vines -- and “green types” of foliage. However, deer frequently feed on flowers, fruits and vegetables and the buds and twigs of fruit trees and ornamental shrubs.

  2. Identify the damage. You can distinguish the damage caused to plants by feeding deer by the ragged, broken ends of branches of plants and trees that have been browsed by deer, which do not have incisor teeth. Rabbits and rodents have incisors and leave clean-cut surfaces where they have nibbled upon plants. The height (up to 6 feet) the damage is found off the ground is another indication that rules our small mammals.

  3. Assault their sense of security. Disrupt their sense of security and you’ve achieved the primary factor for turning deer away from your valuable plants, gardens, shrubs and trees. Deer have good memories and learn from each other. When one deer is afraid to return to an area, other deer – including fawns – also will be reluctant to enter the area.

Deer Scram is an all-natural, biodegradable deer repellent that guarantees pesky white-tailed, black-tailed and mule deer – rabbits, too – will stop feeding on your prized gardens, shrubs and trees for 45 to 60 days per application. Deer Scram is a fully organic granular deer-control product that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that could hurt the animals, environment and, most importantly, you or your family.

Prevent damage by turning away foraging deer now!  Break that pattern now of deer browsing at will among your valuable gardens, shrubs and trees by applying Deer Scram now! Deer Scram guarantees protection for your gardens, flowerbeds, even your whole yard or your money back!  Build the barrier you need this season by applying Deer Scram now to prevent browsing deer from destroying your prized trees, shrubs and gardens.

DEER SCRAM is a registered trademark of
Enviro Protection Industries Co., Inc., 27 Link Drive, Suite C, Binghamton, NY 13904

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Whitetails, Blacktails
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Triple Threat

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Stop Deer Browsing
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